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Greek Criminal & Court Lawyers Sydney

Criminal Lawyers

Navigating the complexities of criminal charges can be daunting. Greek Law offers expert legal representation to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. Our experienced team handles various criminal and court matters.

Services Offered

Traffic Offences

We handle all types of traffic violations, from speeding and reckless driving to DUI charges. Our team works to minimise penalties, negotiate fines, and, where possible, avoid licence disqualification.

Driver Licence Issues

Facing a licence suspension or revocation? We assist with appeals and work to restore your driving privileges. Our legal expertise ensures your case is presented compellingly to the authorities.

Criminal Charges

Our defence lawyers cover all criminal charges, from minor offences like petty theft to serious crimes such as assault or fraud. We provide robust defence strategies tailored to each case, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Police Custody Issues

If you or a loved one is in police custody, immediate legal support is crucial. We offer prompt advice and representation to protect your rights and ensure fair treatment.

Domestic Violence

In domestic violence cases, we provide sensitive and effective legal representation. Whether defending against allegations or seeking protection, we ensure your case is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Court Summons Matters

Being summoned to court can be stressful. Our experienced lawyers guide you through the process, representing you in all court appearances to achieve the best possible resolution.

Bench Warrants

Outstanding bench warrants can lead to arrest and detention. We help resolve these issues quickly, negotiating with the courts to address the warrant and minimise disruption to your life.


If you believe your case was unjustly decided, our team is skilled in filing and arguing appeals. We work to overturn convictions or reduce sentences, leveraging our extensive appellate experience.

Civil Matters

Criminal charges often intersect with civil disputes. We provide comprehensive legal assistance in related civil matters, ensuring all aspects of your case are addressed.

Crimes Against Property

We defend against property crimes, including theft, burglary, and vandalism. Our approach is to challenge the evidence and seek alternatives to harsh penalties, aiming to protect your future.

Property Labour and Car Accidents

Our legal representation covers property disputes and car accident claims. We work to secure fair compensation for damages and injuries, ensuring your rights are protected.

Tax Offences

Charges of tax evasion and related offences can be complex and severe. Our defence strategies focus on reducing penalties and resolving issues with tax authorities efficiently.
When I wasn't able to resolve my family estate matter when I was in Greece due to the unfamiliarity of the solicitors, language, time restrictions and laws I contacted George upon a recommendation from a customer. George dealt with my matter and was able to explain to me the Greek laws in simple terms, provided me with all my options and their consequences and as well as outlining my future responsibilities once my matter finalised (including providing such contacts as accountants and realestate agents) I was always provided with honest fee estimates, time frames and communications along the way including if something couldn't be done. Highly recommended George and Greeklaw.
Peter Reppas
Peter Reppas
With over 20 years experience in navigating the Greek legal system, George and his team provide a service that is unlike any offered in Australia! His ability to understand my unique situation and outline the process in our initial consultation whilst engaging solicitors, accountants, engineers and public notary's in Greece allowed my complex Greek legal matter to be resolved in a timely manner. The language barrier was not an issue as all solicitors speak fluent English and Greek. Would highly recommend George and his team to anyone seeking advice and representation for any Greek legal matter!
Evelyn Ntoumbos
Evelyn Ntoumbos
George and his Greek solicitors handled my Greek law matter with the utmost care and professionalism. From start to finish, George and his team were extremely informative and made the process very simple and easy to understand. I would only recommend George Anton and his Greek Law team for any Greek matters.
Georgios Atsalis
Georgios Atsalis
Assisted me with my Greek matters. I never had to visit the Greek consulate or go to Greece. Cannot recommend them enough.
Zoe H
Zoe H
Rare that you can find a Greek solicitor in Australia, let alone someone who handles your entire matter with outmost efficiency and competence. George and his Greek solicitors handle all my Greek matters, from my properties, taxes, any power of attorney documents I need completed, he does it all. I don’t have to go out of my way for anything…it all gets done from his firm. Would only recommend George for Greek matters. Thank you George and Greek Law team!
John Karagiorgas
John Karagiorgas
Greek Law have shown to exhibit extensive knowledge and understanding of the Greek law, that has assisted my family in achieving the needs that we require.
Michael Karagiorgas
Michael Karagiorgas
Greek Law knowledge and expertise in Greek Legal Matters is 2nd to none.....Highly satisfied and recommended.
Jim Karagiorgas
Jim Karagiorgas
George and his team have been a great asset in managing our affairs. I vouch for their quality of work, ethics and professionalism. Full marks!

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